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By 奥斯汀惠洛克

Local businesses that have used low-cost lending programs available at Operation Oswego County and County of Oswego IDA include Rooftop Lounge 在奥斯维戈, 斯克里巴的诺贝里斯, 西门罗的北码头43号和中央广场的高地动物医院.

2010年至2022年, the Federal Reserve implemented policies that facilitated record low interest rates that decreased the cost of borrowing for over a decade, on everything from real estate mortgages to vehicle loans to commercial lines of credit, 使个人和企业都能获得低成本融资.

随着这些政策最近转向对抗通货膨胀, 在过去的18个月里,利率稳步上升. This has made it more expensive to borrow and affordable lending programs are harder to find and secure with large banks.

在这样的时刻, companies should consider leveraging alternative lenders and lending sources along with their traditional banks to make business startups and expansions feasible and affordable.

在奥斯威戈县, Operation Oswego County and the County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency offer a variety of options to businesses looking for financial assistance for a project.

Operation Oswego County works collaboratively with the Greater Syracuse Business Development Corp.是美国小企业管理局认证的开发公司. They are authorized to finance projects using the SBA 504 loan program which is designed to promote economic development growth and job creation in small businesses. The program can make the overall financing structure for a new business or project more attractive and affordable.

SBA 504计划提供了可访问的, 固定利率, 土地长期融资, 建筑物及设备. 有资格获得SBA 504贷款的企业是独立拥有的, 准备扩张和创造就业机会的盈利性企业. 除了负担得起的固定费率, one of the most attractive benefits of the SBA 504 program is that eligible businesses can borrow up to 90% of project’s costs, 参与银行出资50%, 小企业管理局40%, 借款人出资10%. 注意这一点很重要, 要符合资格, 企业必须占据该计划资助的空间的至少51%. 因此,该计划并不适用于住房或房地产开发商.

The program is available to most other types of businesses from manufacturing to health care to tourism.

Local businesses who have utilized the SBA 504 loan program include Riverview Pediatrics in Fulton, 奥斯威戈Holiday Inn Express怎么样, 美国威廉斯敦的Marmon Enterprises和Schroeppel的Great Bear Child Care.

The IDA and OOC administer several 经济发展 Fund loan programs that were designed to assist large and small businesses create new jobs and make capital investments. 比如SBA 504项目, 申请人是否需要帮助制定商业计划以支持该项目, they will be referred to and assisted by the Onondaga 小型企业 Development Center at Onondaga Community College.

法国电力公司的资金可用于购买机器和设备, 存货或提供营运资金. 在某些情况下, 所得款项可用于建筑或土地购置, 建造或翻新. 根据资金的用途,贷款可以是短期的,也可以是长期的. 法国电力公司的融资利率取决于项目的信用价值. 符合条件的企业可以因创造大量就业机会而获得税率折扣, 重大资本投资, 利用当地建筑工人, 少数民族, 女人或老兵开的公司, 等. 要获得资格,项目必须证明需要融资. 法国电力公司的融资被指定为缺口融资, 与非国际开发协会来源的其他资金一起使用, 比如银行和其他经济发展贷款机构.

Oswego County businesses that have benefited from EDF funding include Kathy’s Cakes & 沃尔尼的专业治疗,富尔顿的向上图形,艾尔治疗 & Wellness in Sandy Creek, Rooftop Lounge in Oswego and United Wire Technologies in Constantia.

Another loan program available through the IDA is the USDA Intermediary Relending Program. This is a unique program that was capitalized by the agency borrowing funds from the U.S. 并将这些资金重新发放给符合条件的企业. IRP计划提供短期固定利率贷款. IRP loan uses are very flexible and may be used to purchase machinery and equipment, 库存, 或者支付软成本, 启动成本和营运资金需求. The program can be used to fund up to 50% of a project’s cost with a maximum IRP loan size of $100,000.

使用IRP计划的奥斯威戈县企业包括B&富尔顿的T体育商店, 汉尼拔的贝拉·法托里亚, 巴勒莫的棕色狗木制品和斯克里巴的Lindsey Aggregates.

The County of Oswego IDA also has the ability to provide financial assistance to qualified business applicants through the issuance of tax-exempt or taxable industrial revenue bonds or by participation in straight lease transactions for purposes of providing real property tax abatements as well as sales and use tax, 抵押贷款记录免税. These programs are intended to induce large capital investment and job creation or retention projects that meet strict eligibility requirements. The property tax abatements are typically 20 years for manufacturing projects and 10 years for non-manufacturing projects. The exemptions available for sales and use tax are for materials used to construct and equip a facility.

Companies that have utilized the agency’s straight lease transaction incentives to grow and expand their businesses or to establish a business in Oswego County include 斯克里巴的诺贝里斯, 富尔顿的Huhtamaki, 中央广场的高地动物医院, 费利克斯·舍勒在北美的里奇兰, 阿尔比恩的尾水旅馆和西门罗的北码头43号.

OOC also offers technical assistance to businesses seeking financing and grants from local, 州和联邦资源.

OOC can help businesses and entrepreneurs navigate which programs make the most sense for the type of business and use of the funds. One such program is the NYS Consolidated Funding Application through the CNY Regional 经济发展 Council. This single application provides applicants access to multiple state funding sources that incentivize everything from job creation to energy efficiency to historic preservation.

这些项目有助于为奥斯威戈县的企业提供手段, 大与小, 以确保他们扩大和发展所需的财政援助. 这些项目也可以用来帮助公司保持竞争力, 从而有助于保留和维持本县的就业机会. 提供这些项目很重要,因为它们有助于增加该县的税基, diversify the county’s economic base and improve the quality of life in Oswego County.

If you have a project that could benefit from one of the above financing initiatives, 联系奥斯威戈县行动,电话:315-343-1545或电子邮件:ooc@oswegocounty.组织与业务发展顾问取得联系.

奥斯丁米. 惠洛克, Certified economic developer (CEcD), is the executive director of Operation Oswego County, Inc. 更多信息,请致电315-343-1545或访问