You are currently viewing VETERAN OWNED BUSINESSES: Veterans at the forefront in several area businesses

VETERAN OWNED BUSINESSES: Veterans at the forefront in several area businesses

They came from all walks of life with a single purpose in mind — to serve their country. Now, after their time in the armed forces is over, they have begun a new chapter in their lives.

In 2010, 克里斯Dambach started his lawn care company with a mower and a borrowed truck. Today, he owns Industry Standard, boasting 45 employees, (expected to grow to 60 next year). He has multi-million-dollar contracts throughout the Northeast.

威廉R. 巴里 also transformed his love of the outdoors into a vocation. One Cut Above does lawn maintenance, landscaping and excavation site prep work and more. 巴里 is pretty much a one-man operation.

科里骤然加剧 uncorked his interest in winemaking and is producing his own brand — Bravery Wines. 他捐了2美元.50 of every bottle of wine sold to a charity.

艾琳·鲍格 is a modern-day Gal Friday. Her one-person business, Admin-On-Call, collaborates with other entrepreneurs. She provides executive-level administrative support to small business owners and entrepreneurs, managing back-office functions, e-mail communications and calendars. She will also step in for her clients at events, if needed.

迈克尔。鲍尔 was able to leave the corporate world and acquire his own company. He became the owner of the East 锡拉丘兹-based Eagle Metalcraft Co., a 70-year-old precision sheet metal company. It has doubled its sales and its workforce has expanded. The company was honored as the Veteran-Owned Business of the Year for 2023 by the U.S. 小型企业 Administration Upstate New York region.  Bower’s goal is to double again within five years.

After nearly two decades of military service, 杰拉尔德Searfoss decided to spice up things. He said that he joined the military just after 9-11, “I wanted to get in the fight and do what I could after the attack.”

After he was discharged, he owned and operated War Cry Apparel.

“And then a few years later, 我的妻子, 希瑟Searfoss, and I started Black OPS BBQ in Brewerton,他说.

J. Vasquez started working for Pack-N-Mail in Oswego. When his boss decided to move out of state and close down her businesses; he didn’t want to buy her out and be part of a franchise. So he decided to open his own shipping store — The Ship Yard.

The Ship Yard is a third-party shipping company.

史蒂文Mollica and his wife, veterinarian Andrea (Dattellas) Mollica, began Fort Frisbee in January 2022 in Fulton. It officially opened April 11, 2022. His vision is to have the (dog grooming-boarding) business support other veterans.

“When I buy products to sell at my business, I first try to find a veteran owned business,他说.

Perhaps they no longer wear a uniform, but their commitment to helping others is still evident.


克里斯·普拉特, Owner of Storm Power Solutions LLC, Pulaski

艾琳·鲍格, Owner of Admin-On-Call, LLC, 锡拉丘兹

科里骤然加剧, Owner of Bravery Wines, Penn Yan

J. Vasquez, Owner of The Ship Yard, Oswego

迈克尔。鲍尔, Owner OF Eagle Metalcraft Co., E. 锡拉丘兹

克里斯Dambach, Owner of Industry Standard, Liverpool

威廉R. 巴里, Owner of One Cut Above, LLC, Fulton

杰拉尔德Searfoss, Owner of Black OPS BBQ, Brewerton

史蒂文Mollica, Co-owns of Fort Frisbee LLC, Fulton

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